Main education

  • 2010 2009

    Bolzano, Italy

    Professional school, Third degree: Databases, Networking (Routers, Switches, Hubs, etc), Programming (Java, C#)

  • 2009 2008

    Bolzano, Italy

    Professional school, Second degree: Operating systems, JAVA Programming, Databases, C#, PHP, PostgreSQL, MySQL

  • 2008 2007

    Bolzano, Italy

    Professional school, First degree: Information technology, Operating Systems, Network administration

  • 2007 2006

    Bolzano, Italy

    Professional school, General studies: Metal, Electronics, Information Technology

  • 2006 1997

    Minsk, Belarus

    Secondary school, with advanced study of English


  • English

    High level of knowledge. Speak fluently, write and read.

    Every day I read science fiction, IT documentations in English. I am able to take part in conversations.

  • German

    Advanced level of knowledge. Speak fluently, write and read.

    I have graduated German speaking school in Bolzano. Use this language every day for private cases.

  • Italian

    Middle level of knowledge. Speak, write and read.

    Speak with stops and errors, but I am able to understand in most of cases. I use Italian at work, judo and karate course, and for private cases.

  • Russian

    Mother tongue

Education & Courses

  • Training/Course05.2009 - 06.2009

    Webmasters Europe Certified (WEC): Web Business Manager Grade I

    SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, etc...
    Total time amount: 55 Hours

  • Training/Course02.2009 - 05.2009

    Webmasters Europe Certified (WEC): Network Administrator Grade I

    That was the longest but interesting course. Here I've learnt network administration, routers, hubs, linux operating systems (Debian, CentOS), webserver configuretion (Apache), FTP server configuration, DNS, DB etc...
    Total time amount: 154 Hours

  • Training/Course12.2008 - 02.2009

    Webmasters Europe Certified (WEC): Web Developer Grade I

    Another part of WEC-Pack. At this part I have studied Web development with PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Created my first dynamic website. Made great experience.
    Total time amount: 124 Hours

  • Training/Course10.2008 - 11.2008

    Webmasters Europe Certified (WEC): Web Designer Grade I

    This was one of the most interesting course-pack I've ever visited. Got great experience, tipps and tricks, learned very interesting technologies.
    Total time amount: 112 Hours

  • Course04.2008

    Photoshop: Advanced level

    Got more experience with graphics editor.
    Total time amount: 12 Hours

  • Course02.2008

    Dynamic Websites with PHP & MySQL

    Got basic knowledge of PHP, MySQL.
    Total time amount: 55 Hours

  • Training01.2008

    European Computer Driving Licence

    MS Office Software: Word, Access, PowerPoint, Excel etc...

  • Course 10.2007

    Photoshop: beginner's level

    Have gotten basic knowledge of Photoshop.
    Total time amount: 12 Hours

Work places

  • Geneticamultimedia04.2013 - 08.2014

    Webmaster, Webdeveloper, IT Administrator

    Laives, Italy

  • Trick17.media04.2011 - 03.2013

    Webmaster, Webdeveloper, Webdesigner

    Lana, Italy

  • Trendstudio06.2010 - 03.2011

    Webmaster, IT Administrator

    Bolzano, Italy


Thanks to all teams, where I have been working. They have made me stronger in professional branch, teached me to work in team, have shown new and interesting technologies, helped me to find the right solution. Thanks giving to them, a have become much more professional.

Some of my references

  • image

    Tourist Office Schena

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Tourist Office Naturns

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Tourist Office Lana

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Appolonia (Restaurant)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Disaster (Enterprise)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Pfeiss (Hotel)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Valtnaungut (Hotel)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Profanter (Store)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    RSD Electronic (Enterprise)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Spiss Immobilien (Real estate)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for

  • image

    Südtirol Panorama (Magazine)

    PSD to HTML; Development (During working for


I have started with Japanese martial art called - Judo (The gentle art).

  • 07. Jul'14 10. Jul'14

    Stage/training with Italian National Judo Team

    Hard trainings and great experience. Great thanks to Gruppo Sportivo Carabinieri for great days! Foto. Specialy thanks to Paolo Bianchessi and Giuglio Sacchi and of course to my Sansei Marco Scaramella and Alessandro Visintini

  • Lavis 19. Jan'14

    Competition: 7° Trophy city of Lavis (Il 7° TROFEO CITTA' DI LAVIS)

    It was my first competition ever. Of course I could do it better... So due the absence of the experience and short training period I have taken the last - 3rd place 3rd place: Adults +100kg and the Medal

  • Present 11. Nov'13

    Yellow Belt

    Next step in my long way.

  • Nov'13 Jun'13

    White Belt

    First level and first steps in to the right direction.

Kyokushinkai Karate

  • Present Mar'14

    Orange Belt (10th Kyu)

    After more than 5 hours of exams I have passed exams on Karate Kyokushinkai. That was great feeling to get the belt=)

  • Mar'14 Mar'14

    Stage 'Città di Bolzano' Kyokushinkai Karate

    Three hours of trainings with Shihan Tsutomu Wakiuchi. My first stage experience. photo

  • Mar'14 Sep'13

    White Belt (Mu Kyu)

    Very hard and painful trainigs that make me stronger have begun. Hope to get black belt=)